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Ogakiku first opened about 200 years ago in 1807, in the second half of the Edo period. We have experienced the changing times through Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa and now the Heisei era. The family owned business is now run by the seventh generation. He continues to uphold the tradition, grilling each and every unagi (freshwater eel) with care and passion.

The building of the restaurant was built in the early Taisho period (mid 1910s). In those days, 3-storey buildings were very rare and it is designated as the “Structure of Landscape Importance” by the city of Kawagoe.

Up until the war, prominent writers, calligraphers and wealthy gentlemen gathered on the third floor to enjoy activities such as Shogi, Igo and haiku-reading whilst they waited for their eels to be served. Cooking kabayaki (grilled eels) takes a long time and it seems that the custom had already been established to spend that time with friends nibbling on starters and sipping a drink.

For people in Saitama prefecture, situated far from the sea, fish from the river was the main source of protein. Kawagoe was lucky to have an abundance of eels. Eels are low in calories, rich in vitamins and DHA and have various health benefits. Also when consumed with osuimono (clear soup made from fish stock) and oshinko (pickled vegetables), often served as a set, it becomes a balanced meal. Also, sansho (Japanese pepper), sprinkled on the grilled eel at the table, helps digestion. In such ways, traditional Japanese meals are well thought through and full of wisdom!

At Ogakiku, we have a secret heirloom sauce that has been passed on for generations since the opening of the restaurant. This sauce enhances the flavour of eels. We also pledge to continue to strive to serve our customers only the best.

We hope you enjoy the traditional meal in Kawagoe.

Thank you.


We hope you enjoy the traditional meal.


  • Unaju (Kabayaki* over rice) * Kabayaki=Broiled eel
    With clear soup made from eel's livers and pickles
    Extra Large size 6,250JPY
    Large size 4,750JPY
    Regular size 3,900JPY
  • Torikaba-Sanshoku
    (Grilled chicken; scrambled egg & roasted ground chicken over rice)
    With clear soup made from eel's livers and pickles
  • Steakju
    (Japanese black beef steak with grilled seasonal vegetables)
  • Shirayaki
    (Eel in unglazed style with soy sauce and wasabi )
  • Yanagawa
    (pot of loaches boiled in soy sauce witheggs and burdock)
  • Umaki (Rolled omelet with eel at the core)
  • Uzaku
    (Eel and cucumber marinated withmixture of vinegar, soy sauce and sugar)
  • Kabuto-Yaki (Grilled eel head)
  • Hone-Senbei (Fried eel bones)
  • Rice set
    rice with clear soup made from eel's livers and pickles


  • Draft Beer
  • Draft Beer S size
  • Bottled Beer
  • Non-alcoholic Beer
  • Sake
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Oolong Tea
  • Ginger Ale Dry

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Attachment and One order for one person, please.

It's not possible to remove all bone frogments ,so please be careful while eating.
Children should be especially mindful.

The price includes tax.

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